Monday, July 26, 2010

"Is the job market improving?"

That's a question I hear over and over. The answer is, generally, yes. Our individual clients are getting interviews, even in the depth of summer. Some corporate clients are thinking of hiring again. But, as I said in my very first blog, there isn't ONE job market; there are many job markets.

So, before the fall hiring season begins, it's important to take a look at what job market you are in now and whether or not it is doing well. You might even be able to repackage yourself in an area that is doing well. Or, get some training that would allow you to move into a better job market.

Even when the recession is over, some jobs will never come back in the same number as before. For example, there will be far fewer second and third level managers, particularly operations managers. If you are a manager, can you market yourself as an expert or specialist in something? You'd be in a bigger job market.

Another example, there will be far fewer secretaries when the recession is over. If you are a secretary, can you repackage yourself as an executive secretary? Or, as a coordinator? Coordinators are usually first level professional jobs, and require a specialty area and a batchelor's degree. If you are a secretary to a marketing executive, you might be able to market yourself as both an executive secretary and as a marketing coordinator. Right now, an executive secretary makes more money, but a marketing coordinator will probably have more of a career.

Finally, people without a BA are getting killed on the marketplace, particularly if they just reply to ads on the internet. this will continue after the recession is over. Unless you have a great personal network that will take care of you no matter what, or unless you are retiring within five years, take the time to get that degree! You have at least five more weeks of summer to research how to do it!