Friday, October 16, 2009

The Boy in the Balloon and Job Loss

But the boy wasn't in the balloon; he was hiding in the garage! That's the point. By six, most kids aren't that stupid. And it was reasonable for the police to pull out all the stops. But the news media, anxious for another white SUV to chase, took the most hyper approach to the story. It hasn't even taken a couple of news cycles for the story to expand. Maybe the family will be suspected of perpetrating a hoax. Maybe they will sell the film rights for millions. After all, this family is used to living in front of the camera.

The point is that the story wasn't true, but the media made a big deal of it without checking its veracity or reasonableness.

This  is one of those times when what is happening in the media and what is happening in real life are two different things. So, even if you are out of work, don't crawl under the bed covers and cower in fear because the media is going on and on about job losses. Your real situation may be entirely different. Your job specialty or grographic location may actually be doing well.

Forget the media. Talk to your friends. Learn what is actually going on at local organizations. Just as I predicted in September, temporary and contract jobs are starting to show up. The "job market"(see my very first blog) isn't as awful as it is portrayed and will be even better in January. As one of our clients said only two weeks after he was laid off, " The job market isn't that bad for me. I'm going to do OK. I never should have worried so much."

Don't let worrying get in the way of your job search, no matter what the media say!

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