Friday, January 8, 2010

The Coming Talent Drain

Experts say that the job market will turn the corner in the Second Quarter of 2010. CareerBuilder agrees, stating that the time to look for a job is right now. At the same time, job satisfaction is at an all-time low, according to the Conference Board. Most organizations don't have the resources to reward even their best performers in terms of raises or promotions. Most organizations don't have managers that can actually talk candidly to their employees.

Our guess at Career Strategies is that these trends mean trouble for many employers between now and July, a brain drain of their "best people," their talent.

The best performers always have an easier time finding jobs, even in the worst of times. They will be on the move first. Then, they will pull their friends and co-workers into the job market with them.

Our guess is that the executives will be taken care of somehow. But the key salespeople, the key relationship management people, the IT genius who keeps things together, the controller that truly understands the business, the product development person who leads the field, all of them will be up for grabs.

If your company or organization doesn't pay attention to these people, now, before they complete their resumes, they will be history. The only retention tool that really works is talking to people directly and honestly about their careers. We have proven that over and over again with our on-site coaching. We can help both the organization and the talent come together on an appropriate career direction for 2010.


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